Nearing is a 20 min performance created for Girls’ Club Collection Off Site performance series. The performance took place at Art Serve in Fort Lauderdale and months prior to the performance a book- also called Nearing - was released by IS Projects Nocturnal Press to forward shadow the performance.

Nearing included claymation animation projected onto a dome that had puppet appendages, two performers dress in pink to make the insides of the dome and two Mothmen performative sculptures that interacted with the audience.The dialog of the Mothmen created the soundscape for the performance and revealed that the Mothmen were obsessed with the audience and had plan to replace the people through changing into them. The Mothmen repetitively showed their insides to the audience while saying that they were changing even now. This work was influenced by alien sightings and the story of the Mothman in 1970s. Nearing playfully confronts the viewer with the unknown as a manifestation of being confronted by a personal hidden affliction.


                      Handout with handwritten parts of dialog that the Moth Men speak to the audience during the performance. 

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